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For The Sake of Your Rockledge Business, Don’t Navigate This Extended Tax Season Alone

…don’t navigate this season alone. The more we learn about the nuances of PPP forgiveness, EIDL regulations, the Employee Retention credit (an alternative, payroll-tax-specific way to save cash for your Rockledge business) … well, the more that we discover that much is still unclear. Any Rockledge tax professional who is honest will tell you the […]

Big PPP Loans Forgiveness Update From The IRS For Rockledge Businesses

Are you tired of talking and thinking about the PPP? Because I’m tired of talking and thinking about the PPP. That said — this program has been a lifesaver for a variety of my Rockledge clients, and it has provided a great shot in the arm for others. And, well … we finally have definitive […]

Should Your Rockledge Business Consider Returning The PPP Loan?

There has been a lot of recent chatter about the PPP money, who got it, who didn’t, and even if some Rockledge companies should pay it back. Well, I have some thoughts on this for you today, but ultimately, you will have to be the one who makes this decision. It’s an easy decision if […]

A Big IRS Update For Rockledge Businesses On Using The PPP Loan Funds

Well, if you were wise, you probably saw this coming. Turns out … if you received a PPP loan, that the expenses you pay from the proceeds of this (forgivable) loan … are not deductible for Rockledge businesses. Ouch. The IRS just released new guidance to this end (which is being protested by CPA associations). […]

An SBA Funding Update And Four Scenarios Your Rockledge Business Could Be In

The second round of PPP funding began this Monday at 9:30AM Eastern. This funding was $322B (as opposed to the first at around $349B). The first round of $349B funded 1.6MM business. As for those who were waiting on that first round, the SBA hasn’t shared recent numbers, but the last time they did, there […]

What Your Rockledge Business Should Do If They Received PPP Funding

I promise that one day I’ll write to you and my Rockledge area readers about matters other than government aid, the CARES Act, PPP/EIDL, and whatnot. But as we all keep saying: these are extraordinary times. Pick your cliche — it all fits right now. But here is a piece of semi-urgent news: It looks […]

Five Ways To Get Small Business Help Right Now For Your Rockledge Business

I’d like to simplify things for you today. There is so. much. noise. right now about how to survive (even thrive) in the midst of this very difficult season. “Pivot” they say. And yes, if you are running a business, these times call for a bit of a shift. Only a very small amount of […]

What Your Rockledge Business Must Do While Awaiting SBA Payroll Loans

Before I get into some of what we have learned over the weekend about the SBA payroll program, I want to speak to you — business owner to business owner. To survive in this hour, you will NEED two major qualities: Clarity and Patience. The SBA payroll program offers a lifeline of hope to many […]

A Guide to Paycheck Protection Program Loans for Rockledge Businesses

This is a very important message, and I’d like you to read it carefully. Here at Team Daniel Henn, CPA, PA, we have been walking closely with our Rockledge business owner clients (and many, many new business owners who have been reaching out) to cut through the noise and online misinformation about these loans. Some […]

What Does The CARES Act Mean For Your Rockledge Small Business?

These days are moving VERY quickly, and we are working VERY hard to get communication out to our Rockledge clients and friends. You probably already heard that the CARES Act (the mammoth 880+ page disaster relief bill) was signed over the weekend, and help IS indeed on the way. But there are so. many. rumors. […]

The New Stimulus Bill Has Huge Impacts For Rockledge Businesses

Some huge news is happening for Rockledge business owners, that I’m sure you’ve heard rumors about, so I wanted to reach out to you quickly with some first-blush details. I also wanted to offer this: If you have business associates or friends who need help ensuring that they receive ALL of the benefits available to […]

COVID-19 Updates For Rockledge Business Owners

How are you holding up? If you haven’t yet done so, please do shoot me a quick note to let me know how your Rockledge business is managing. Depending on the situation, I have lots of ways to help … some of which I’ll give you details about today. I will continue to be posting […]

The Coronavirus Impact On Business Around Rockledge

I want to check in with you, because these are obviously unprecedented times for ALL of us. How are things going for your business right now? Shoot me back an email through the email button at the top of the page and let me know. (I should say from the outset that I’m sending this […]

Tax and Financial Advice For Rockledge Business Owners Impacted By COVID-19

No, this is NOT just another “here’s what we’re doing about COVID-19” message. The time for that was last week. Every brand and their brother sent out those messages, and they lost their usefulness — right now, it’s a marketplace expectation that we’re all taking serious steps. Regardless of what you feel about this situation, […]

How to Stop Wasting Time in your Rockledge Business

With all of the talk of quarantines, panic, and medical opinions flying faster than sports takes, there are so many unique, emotional temptations for us to give into these days. First, there’s the fear. Clearly, I’m a tax accountant — not a doctor — so my advice here doesn’t mean much. Except that I AM […]

Dan’s thoughts on Employee Incentives for Small Business Owners

We work with lots of Rockledge area businesses here, and as a result, I get a little crash course in my clients’ business practices. It’s a fantastic crash course for me and my team. And since I’m in the financial trenches with so many of them, I see lots of ways that team members are […]

Estate Planning For Rockledge Business Owners

We’re rolling through busy season, and have begun to connect with many of our great Rockledge clients. Already wrapped a few very elegant tax returns (if I do say so myself). One of my favorite things about this time of year is connecting with all of you, and getting updates, offering hope, and putting plans […]

My Rockledge Small Business Health Quiz (Part 2)

Last week, I began asking you a series of questions, and I’d like you to thoughtfully consider the questions I’m asking, and send me back an email through the email button at the top of the page with YOUR answers. You don’t have to email back, of course … but please do consider these six […]

My Rockledge Small Business Health Quiz (Part 1)

Things are getting busier around Ye Olde Accountacy Shoppe (i.e. Daniel Henn, CPA, PA) as more and more Rockledge business owners are touching base to get on our calendar for the next few weeks. Will you join them? If so, great. You know how to find us. Let us know if we can help in […]

Five Tips To Build A Healthy Company Culture by Dan Henn

Like many Brevard County business owners, you probably set some goals for 2020. So … hmmm … how are you doing on those? Based on data collected by Statistic Brain, 27.4 percent of people typically abandon their resolutions within a week. Within two weeks of January 1st, 31.6 percent of people will have ditched their […]

Dan Henn’s 2019 Personal Income Tax Documents List

So yes … you run a business. Which affords you some massive opportunities not available to Brevard County wage employees on your PERSONAL taxes (depending, of course, on how everything is set up for you). So that likely means that you have a couple different tax returns to wade through each year (and maybe more, […]

Influence and Leadership In The Digital Age by Dan Henn

Here’s a truth that some Brevard County entrepreneur-types HATE to acknowledge: accountants are a useful bunch. One of the things we really like, BTW, is getting AHEAD of the game for our Brevard County clients. Which, regardless of your entity structure, means that I’d like to first inspire you towards communicating with my office as […]

The Three Kinds of Customers For Rockledge Businesses

Bar none, the most important asset in your Rockledge business is your client and customer list. This is even true if you are in a “capital-intensive” business with significant material assets. In fact, I’d be very interested to hear someone make a strong case that it isn’t true in EVERY business. I’ll paraphrase Andrew Carnegie […]

How Daniel Henn, CPA, PA Plans to Make 2020 Our Best Year Ever

By the time you actually get to reading this, there is a very good chance that you’re reading a voice from the last decade. ūüôā I make it a practice to prepare my posts to Brevard County clients and friends a few days in advance, and RIGHT NOW, it is still 2019. But 2020 is […]

Dan Henn’s Annual Holiday Prayer

In this holiday season full of conflict and impeachment, I’m ever more encouraged to see outside of my own situation, and practice empathy for those around me. And as the years go along, I’m increasingly aware of how this holiday season is a time of joy for many, as well as a time of pain […]

Will Your Rockledge Company Be Giving Year-End Bonuses?

The plot to one of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time, Christmas Vacation, centers on one holiday hope: the year-end bonus. Clark Griswold, as “the last true family man”, decides he will use his promised year-end bonus to install a pool in his family’s backyard. When the dream fails to materialize, Clark gets […]

Raise Prices For Your Rockledge Business

Let me start out by once again reminding you that we are nearing year-end (as if you really needed my reminder). And Rockledge business owners are extremely well-positioned to make a dent through proper tax planning more than any other population. We’re right here, should the impulse strike you: (321) 684-7800 On the personal side, […]

Potential Tax Problems For Rockledge Businesses To Fix Before Year-End

We only have one more month (less!) to make any moves that might affect a whole host of things on your tax bill. I have some examples of what I mean here today, but suffice it all to say: If your business revenues, expenses, structures or results changed in a significant way this year, shoot […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 from Daniel Henn, CPA, PA to you and yours

Right in the middle of the bloody depths of civil war, President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November as a national day of Thanksgiving which should take place every year. His entire Thanksgiving proclamation (written by his Secretary of State, William Seward) is worth taking in, or even reading aloud, but the opening is […]

Lemonade Stands And A New Selling Strategy For Rockledge Businesses

We’re turning the corner into the holidays, and it’s a massive selling opportunity for your Rockledge business … if you use it. But I’m not referring merely to holiday promotions. Those are almost to be expected at this point. What I have for you today is a story that might help you throughout the entire […]

Dan Henn’s Keys For Empowering Your Employees For Advancement

You can either train your Rockledge employees and risk that they leave … or choose not to train them and risk that they stay. Think about that for a moment. Are you empowering your employees for growth? Does your leadership team (which might be just you) brainstorm ways to assist your employees’ education, certification achievement […]

Evaluating Your Rockledge Company’s Marketing ROI

I put a lot of effort into going beyond being a simple tax/accounting advisor for my Rockledge clients, and I’m grateful to those who send back comments, who forward these on to their associates and, of course, for the many referrals that my clients and contacts have been sending our way the past few months. […]

The “Profit First” Framework for Rockledge Businesses

You might have heard the term “profit first accounting” buzzing around Rockledge business circles as of late. The philosophy was made popular by Mike Michalowicz and his book, Profit First. His theories have blossomed into reality for many business owners. Today, I thought I’d cover some of the core principles that might spark new accounting […]

Building Your Career: For Rockledge Workers

Sometimes that thing that “everyone” is saying (especially online) just turns out to be … not true. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are chock full of theories, analysis, pitches and argumentation, and so much of it is simply noise. And you know what social media is also overflowing with? Cat videos. Look — who doesn’t […]

Email Marketing Strategies That Rockledge Businesses Should Avoid

I get a lot of replies and personal comments about the emails that I send out, both to our business owners (like you), and to our family/individual clients. So I thought I’d offer my quick thoughts to you as to why I do this, and open our kimono a little. I’m certainly not a marketing […]

Optimizing Productive Time for You and Your Rockledge Team

How many times have you started work early — and the next thing you knew it was 4PM … and your instant reaction was: I haven’t made any progress today on my most important stuff ? If you’re like the rest of us: quite a few times — and maybe “most of the time”. That’s […]

Four Non-Bank Options for Small Business Financing

When many people start a business, they do so using their own resources and funds. And there can be great wisdom to this … retaining control, a more lucrative exit, etc. But it also puts your own personal resources on the line, and there are greater risks, as well as possibly a slower build to […]

The Advantage a C Corporation Holds for Rockledge Businesses

Now that 2018 extended returns for businesses are truly put to bed now, we can turn our gimlet eye on 2019. And one thing that might be worth discussing is your operating entity. A quick rundown on business structures is never bad, ESPECIALLY when tax laws change and affect Rockledge business owners’ personal tax situations […]

The Role Of The Rockledge Business Owner

We just finished all of the extended returns for our business owner clients, and today I’m feeling particularly grateful. Because over the past few weeks and months, I’ve been reminded of how important our work is. Not because “taxes and accounting” are inherently noble — but rather that we get to play a role in […]

Three Overlooked Ways To Control Costs In Your Rockledge Business

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook newsfeed is FILLED with so-called experts slinging around big revenue numbers in their business to grab my attention, and get me to sign up for their stuff. But, see … I’m an accountant. And I know the truth: Revenue means nothing unless there is profit attached. And […]

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting: Two Main Differences For Rockledge Businesses To Consider

I have seen plenty of Rockledge businesses get into hot water because they were using the wrong method to track their cash. Yep, today, let’s talk accounting. ūüôā Specifically, whether your business should operate as CASH or operate as ACCRUAL. Cash is a great option to start. It’s simple. But you can get into hot […]

Smart Rockledge Employers Are Rewarding These Four Traits In Their Employees

There was some large-ish news last week about some of the top corporate leaders in the world, and a new focus from influential CEOs (including from Walmart, Apple, Pepsi, and others) that “they must also invest in their employees, protect the environment and deal fairly and ethically with their suppliers”. Instead of ONLY focusing on […]

Key Reminders For Rockledge Businesses for the Last Quarter of 2019

Things certainly haven’t gotten CALMER over the past week. Whether it’s the rumors of recession (or worse), continued chaos in the political world (and still over a year away from elections — yikes), increasing cultural division, or something more local, it’s a mess out there. I put out some reminders last week, and they still […]

Henn’s Key Reminders For Financial Peace

Last week I wrote about all the chaos that our culture seems to be experiencing, and how things feel like they are fraying around the edges. Well, not only do we seem to be more divided than ever (with a heaping slice of online bitterness thrown in), but each of us carries our own private […]

Rockledge Businesses Should Focus Less On Sales Pitch And More On Adding Value

This summer has been rough. Our culture seems to be fraying around the edges (if not worse), and even if you are successful at staying focused on what’s most important for you, your family, and your business, it’s difficult not to be troubled at some level by our national conversation. And we’re still over a […]

Four Steps For Attracting Better Prospective Rockledge Clients

It’s very likely that your Rockledge clients have put tax season far off in their rear view mirror, and they’re going on (or coming back from) vacation, making trips to the pool, or grilling out with friends and family. Why not let the good times roll and make some new clients while they’re happy? Let’s […]

9 (More) Reasons You Should Own Your Rockledge Business’ Building

Working remotely is more prevalent in Rockledge’s work culture than ever before. The rise of coworking spaces like WeWork and PlexPod offer alternative, fun and modern ways to work alongside, and potentially collaborate with, other individuals in their own respective ventures. In addition, many Rockledge business owners prefer working from the comfort of home or […]

Establishing Clear Pricing For Your Rockledge Customers

Last week, we had a little “mid-year pep talk.” After a good locker room session, it’s good to enter Q3 and Q4 with a solid gameplan. And a solid gameplan, of course, means good plays. As it relates to your Rockledge business, we’re talking about the actual offerings you convey to any given customer. For […]

Have You Been Thinking Too Small For Your Rockledge Business In 2019?

Yes, I’m talking about the US Women’s National Team’s second half in Lyon on Sunday, defeating the Dutch with a strong second half and bringing home their 4th World Cup Championship. And no, I’m NOT talking about the US Men’s National Team’s second half in Chicago (also on Sunday), in which a strong first period […]

Daniel Henn, CPA, PA’s Tips on Turning One-Time Buyers into Repeat Customers

In your Rockledge business, you’re shooting for one thing whether you realize it or not: customer loyalty. Seeking out new customers is an arduous task in itself, but keeping them satisfied is another beast that you should take seriously. Why is it so important to take care of your repeat customers? First, in all of […]

Does Your Cost Structure Match Your Rockledge Company’s Value

Here’s an unfortunate reality: many businesses offer amazing value, but struggle to make enough money because they don’t charge enough. Thinking they are offering customers “a good deal”, their business suffers as a result of selling themselves short. But whether our country is experiencing economic success or is on the cusp of recession (not going […]

Three Guidelines for Developing a Successful Referral Network For Your Rockledge Business

I’ve noticed something over the years about particular business people. Scratch beneath the seemingly successful exterior, and there is something very … small about them. They are always looking for that edge over other people, and are continually in “take” mode. And the smallness of their world ALWAYS comes back around to these kinds of […]

Developing An Employee Compensation Plan For Your Rockledge Organization

As your Rockledge business grows, there’s an underlying asset which propels your growth: your people. Now, for some of my clients, “people” mean, well … you. But even in that case, what I have to say today will still matter. Because what I’m talking about today matters just as much for YOU. We’re talking compensation. […]

Marketing Tactics that Lead to Business Growth, by Dan Henn

Here we are in June (!), and I’ll open this here with a reminder to many of my business owner friends (because most of you have to deal with this): estimated taxes for the second quarter are due June 15th. This one always feels as if it came a little quick (two-month gap instead of […]

The Business Intelligence You Don’t Know That You Need For Your Rockledge Company

You might think that was a typo in the subject line (“pull”, right?). Nope, that’s just me being clever, because today I’m talking about POLLING your various stakeholders for fun and profit. Alright, yes. I should clearly stick to financial matters, and leave the puns to the creative types. But really — for the sake […]

Should I Extend Credit To My Rockledge Customers?

Before I get into the slippery slope I’m referring to in the title of this post, how are things for you these days? How’s business going? I’d love to hear an update on your business … so click the email button in the upper-right of the site here, and send me a note to let […]

Mapping Out Your Rockledge Prospective Customers’ Experience

Hopefully, you aren’t too locked into national news, stock market jitters, trade wars, etc. As a Rockledge business owner you’ve gotta keep your head in your own particular game. But you must know this: with all the gloom out there, our mutual customers are looking for solace and for ports in the storm of everyday […]

Everything You Need To Know About Tax Records For Rockledge Businesses

Tax season is over. Just like the North Pole elves in the Will Ferrell classic, Elf, perhaps your team could use a brief moment of celebration before getting back to work? Although it’s a relief now, remember that tax season isn’t a one-time occasion. The decisions you make all year affect your April filing. On […]

Why Soft Skills Are The Future For The Rockledge Workforce

We work with many Rockledge business owners, so that means that the April 15th deadline doesn’t carry quite the same “relief” that it does for many firms who work primarily with individual tax returns. Which is one of the reasons why you still see me posting a strategy note here this week. Another reason is […]

Resilience And Rockledge Business Growth

If you were a client of ours this tax season, you’re probably feeling fine about your tax return. But on the chance that you were not … we’ve helped many Rockledge business owners “make the switch” over to us, year after year. I know that you may have established a rhythm with your current provider […]

Thank You For Making The 2019 Tax Season Our Best Ever

Here we are, and “tax season” is behind us. But the truth is that tax season actually never ends for us. We just get a little less busy. But what a 2019 tax season it was. Thank you so much for your trust, and for allowing us to walk with you during such a sensitive […]

Tracking Your Key Business Metrics For Your Rockledge Company

Oh, you thought that since March Madness is over that I wouldn’t shoehorn another metaphor? You thought wrongly. I’m here with some ideas for how you and your Rockledge business should be “keeping score” today. (See what I did there? … um … because in sports you keep score? Alright. More coffee please.) But before […]

How Rockledge Business Owners Can Win The Day Through Micro Tasks

It’s April. And that means, well — it’s PROCRASTINATION season. Our phones are ringing off the hook, and our inboxes are clogged with Rockledge people who are looking for tax help. Fortunately, our business owner clients (usually) are a little more ahead of the game. But just because you manage a Rockledge business, that doesn’t […]

Outlining What Occurs During A Business Audit For Rockledge Businesses

Our Rockledge business owner clients come to us for lots of different reasons. Whether it’s merely for straight tax work, cash flow management and forecasting, or direct accounting assistance, we wear many hats on behalf of our favorite business owners. But here’s something for which a few of our Rockledge clients didn’t even realize they […]

Three Key Reasons You Should Consider Offering Unlimited PTO For Your Rockledge Company

That old adage isn’t actually accurate. In my line of work, I’m learning something that it would behoove you to also understand: Time is actually worth more than money. So many Rockledge businesses have internalized this reality, and have built huge enterprises dedicated to the proposition that people are MORE than willing to pay to […]

Four Key Steps For Effective Customer Care By Dan Henn

As “customer service” goes, I can guarantee that you (and YOUR customers too, btw) have multiple stories of Rockledge businesses or organizations that have massively bungled the encounter. For instance, anyone who calls the IRS directly — instead of having someone like us handle it through the Practitioner Priority Line — can attest to how […]

Dan Henn’s Three Simple Steps Towards a Better Business Budget

It’s amazing — and scary — how many Brevard County businesses operate without a true budget. Cash flow becomes their only barometer, and that often doesn’t include an accurate picture of ongoing growth, or the health of a business. Look — in addition to handling taxes and books on behalf of local business owners, we […]

How to Eliminate Workplace Gossip in Rockledge Businesses

I’m going to step away from tax land today, and put on my business coaching hat. But don’t get me wrong — we are diligently working through many of our Rockledge business owner client files and getting a significant thrill from being able to help so many of our business owner clients save a TON […]

Dan Henn’s Updated Tax Preparation Checklist for 2019

Tax season 2019 is inexorably moving forward. We now have less than two months before personal federal taxes are due. Which, of course, means that it’s time to get started if you haven’t yet done so already. I’m here today with a large checklist that you can work from, understanding that every person’s situation is […]

If There’s Another Government Shutdown We’re Here To Help Your Rockledge Business

You’re wise these days if you don’t pay close attention to the political tug-of-war that seems to be getting worse and worse. If so, you might not have yet seen that the federal government seems headed for another shutdown. Which is rough news for any poor schmoe out there who is trying to go it […]

The TCJA And What It Means For Your Rockledge Business

Usually, sometime after the Super Bowl, I do a fun rundown on the various advertisements — at least a short one. But this was an unusual year. Because unless you are a Patriots fan, everything about that game experience was boring, including the commercials. The NFL can’t be feeling great about its product after that. […]

What Success Looks Like In Reality For Rockledge Businesses

Lots of email responses and activity were prompted by last week’s note on the new 20% deduction for pass-through entities (if you didn’t get it or missed it, shoot me a note by clicking the email button at the top of the page and I’ll forward it along), and we’re knee-deep in the year-end moves […]

The Simple ‘Why’ For Rockledge Businesses To Consider Professional Mentoring

The federal government shutdown is over (at least or the next 3 weeks) But even under the shutdown, there were some employees at the IRS who still had to work (considered essential) and not getting paid while doing it.  And those semi-furloughed IRS workers put out the news last week that they will, in most […]

Effective Meetings Guidelines For Rockledge Companies Looking For Efficiency

Well, I don’t want to alarm you but the chances are good that we DON’T have to meet anytime in the next couple weeks, as we move towards tax season. (That is, unless something has changed with your Brevard County business, and you need our help. Give us a call: (321) 684-7800 or shoot me […]

Dan Henn’s Small Business Cash Flow Controls

… cash flow. Shoot, this is even true for any nonprofit of any kind of substance. And yes, my meticulous accountant’s brain is kicked into high gear in this response, but you need somebody in your corner who is thinking about these things, or your Brevard County business or organization will die a painful death. […]

Strategizing Your Rockledge Business’s Cash Flow Plan For 2019

2018 is FINALLY over, and we have a brand new year ahead of us … and it feels pretty great. The year ahead is full of possibilities for your Brevard County business, and we are so privileged to walk alongside you in the financial aspects of these possibilities. And there’s a very good chance that […]

A Rockledge Business Owner’s Holiday Prayer

Here we are, smack in the middle of the holiday season, and not only is the federal government shut down for the foreseeable future, but the political and cultural logjams are becoming ever more entrenched. At least we have these holidays. But then I realize — even these can so easily become stressful. And that […]

Why Rockledge Business Owners Should Excel in Year-End Giving

I wrote something similar to what I’m about to offer you today for our individual/family clients recently, but it occurred to me this morning that YOU, as a successful Rockledge business owner, might especially benefit from the perspective that I’d like to offer you. You see, I’m writing today about giving … and why it […]

Key Year-End Tax Moves Rockledge Businesses Should Consider

There are so many things for Rockledge business owners to consider at the end of the year. From year-end profitability analysis, to staff bonuses, to marketing initiatives to capture year-end spending … do not neglect this wonderful opportunity for the calendar to work in your favor. Especially when it comes to marketing and sales: the […]

Dan Henn’s Thanksgiving Thank You To Rockledge Business Owners

Thanksgiving is over, which definitely seems to have come too fast this year. Because of the holiday, things are a bit slower — but not by much. With so many changes for the business owner in this year’s tax code, we’re having lots of conversations with clients in Brevard County who are taking proactive steps […]

Solving Problems in Rockledge Businesses with Effective Solutions

There’s this idea out there among many wannabe Rockledge business owners that they have to come up with the next completely fresh idea in order to have a great business. Shows like Shark Tank (which I love) go towards creating this kind of mindset — although the sharks do a very nice job of bursting […]

Sales Positioning For Rockledge Freelancers And Small Businesses

Have you ever heard of¬†Mary Meeker? Perhaps not. But for those who follow securities analysts, she’s a little bit like Michael Jordan. She’s been issuing an “internet trends” report since the ’90s — and she’s usually right. Which, I suppose, is rare for securities forecasters. For instance, in 2004, she predicted that online advertising was […]

Financial Behaviors For Rockledge Business Owners (Part 2)

Being a business owner can be one of the most rewarding things in your life (along with your family and friends).¬† You work hard to satisfy your clients, customers or patients.¬† You try to be a good employer.¬† All the while you are trying to make a profit and grow a business your family can […]

How Money Works For Rockledge Business Owners (Part 1)

Sometimes it feels like all we face is turmoil. And this feeling is not restricted to those Rockledge businesses who survive “month-to-month”. Even the best-capitalized among us can get trapped by the ever-increasing cycle of impending doom. This is especially true if we follow all the Facebook rabbit trails, or shiny object “gurus” —¬†it seems […]

Dan Henn’s Four Keys To Smarter Interview Questions

Firstly, with the advent of technology like Google’s new “Duplex” system, it’s going to reach a point (sooner than we realize) that Rockledge businesses like yours — and mine — will have less use for employees that are mere “order takers” or who don’t engage in complicated work. Which means that all of us should […]

Five Financial and Tax Strategies For Rockledge Small Businesses

It’s increasingly clear to all of us that our present “cultural moment” can take a toll on any Rockledge person’s mind who isn’t vigilant. Constant connectedness to those who are (by their very vocation) incentivized to highlight change, chaos and fear is more dangerous than I believe we realize. There are so many negative voices […]

Three Tips On How To Succeed as an Entrepreneurial Business Owner in Rockledge

Now that TY2017 is behind us, it is time to turn our greedy eyes towards the savings possible for you and your Brevard business in the “new” tax code under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. And there are many ways to save with these new regulations. One of the most talked about […]

Tax Return Review and 2018 TCJA Planning Session for Rockledge area Businesses

I’m going to take a moment to address you who might NOT be using our services thus far. There’s a word or two for current Daniel Henn, CPA, PA clients here as well, but allow me to explain. You see, sometimes, you just know you need to make a change, but the timing isn’t quite […]

2018 Tax Season Reflections From A Rockledge Tax Professional

As I write, it’s the day before tax day (which is Tuesday the 17th), and we are pushing hard during this final stretch. Procrastinators in Rockledge are streaming through our doors, both virtual and actual (after all, we welcome them here), the phone is ringing off the hook, and my email inbox is overflowing. Another […]

How To Eliminate Bad Business Debt In Your Rockledge Small Business

There’s a bunch of “business” I need to communicate today, before I get to my discussion of your Rockledge business debt. That’s because¬†the personal filing deadline is Tuesday, April 17th,¬†and the majority of our Rockledge business clients also have us handle their personal returns. So, with that in mind, a few things you should ALSO […]

10 Simple Fraud Protection Safeguards Rockledge Companies Should Implement

Things have been¬†cranking¬†at the Daniel Henn, CPA, PA offices of late! We have had a steady stream of new Rockledge clients calling, emailing and coming through our doors. But it’s also because of all of the questions we are fielding about the new tax law changes, and what that will mean for Rockledge businesses, etc, […]

Develop Your Rockledge Target Client With These 7 Important Traits

While we’re on the subject of what’s holding Rockledge business owners back… I wrote recently about how too many of my Rockledge small business owner clients don’t allow themselves the gift of good delegation. It keeps them toiling along with minor tasks, while they could be slaying bigger dragons on behalf of their business. Well, […]

Three Easy Ways for Rockledge Business Owners to Develop Delegation Skills

The corporation deadline for Rockledge businesses is behind us, and we’re taking a big breath around here (while still focusedly working through personal tax returns as well). Apparently, there are basketball games being played.¬† Not that we would know much about that. We’re too busy around here. And speaking of too busy, I recently wrote […]

The Most Likely Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail In Rockledge

It’s always been hard-scrapping for small business owners in Rockledge. We’ve all heard the old adage: At least 85% and maybe as high as 98% of new small businesses fail before they hit the five year mark. That rate may have been even higher over the past decade. Now, even with various items of recent […]

What Are My Chances of Getting Audited? 11 Tips For Rockledge Small Businesses

On March 15th, 2018,¬†Subchapter S Corporation (S-corps, for short), have their tax returns due.¬†We’re already on top of things for our Rockledge clients, but this is a quick reminder to you to make sure that we’ve communicated, and that your books don’t contain any “hanging chads” that might come back to bite you. Let me […]

Dealing With Angry Customers: A Plan For Rockledge Business Owners

As I have been saying to some of my personal tax preparation clients in Rockledge, I’m not sure that there is very much that I could say that could add anything to the conversation about what happened last week in Parkland, FL. It seems that every time something like this happens, we grieve for shorter […]

A Rockledge Business Owner’s Simple Plan For Dealing With Angry Customers

Even in the middle of the intensity of the busy tax filing season in Rockledge, we occasionally become the target for somebody’s frustration. Over the years, and especially when things are busy and stressful, we’ve had to learn about how to best handle matters when a Rockledge client is becoming (for some reason or another) […]

Special Business Knowledge And Rockledge Business Success

Yes, there’s plenty to say about that Super Bowl, the advertisements (apparently, they’re all Tide ads), the halftime show, etc. But I’ll let others weigh in there. I’m a tax professional after all. Congratulations Eagles fans, etc. Here at Daniel Henn, CPA, PA, we’re already playing in our little Super Bowl: tax season. And it’s […]

Dan Henn’s 2017 Tax Document Checklist

Yes, the calendar reads 2018, but the IRS of course, is living in the past. As you probably know, we are now beginning the process of doing something we’re pretty good at:¬†effectively, legally, and ethically reporting our¬†Rockledge¬†clients’ business financial doings to the government for maximum savings¬†— i.e., tax return preparation. In fact, this week, the […]

The Most Important Factor in Rockledge Small Business Valuation

I’ve heard from many of my Rockledge business owner contacts over these last few months, thanking me for the notes that we put together, sending thoughts and questions — and letting me know that they’ve sent their friends to see us for their business and family tax needs. THANK YOU! With “busy season” right around […]

Three More Questions To Consider in 2018 For Your Rockledge Small Business Plan

We are in that “calm before the storm” period before busy season begins in earnest for us, and it’s a great time for us — and for you, in my opinion — to take stock. As we prepare for the increased activity and communication level that always comes this time of year, we also take […]

3 Important Questions For Rockledge Small Business Owners To Answer In 2018

Now that we are into the first full work week of 2018, how are you feeling about your direction? We’re here, and we’re in your corner.¬†I’d love a note from you about what you are hoping to accomplish during this year, and how we can be a resource to you as you do. As you […]

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for Your Rockledge Business Work Goals in 2018

Happy New Year! It’s time to turn the page… If you’ve been paying attention,¬†I’ve been diving pretty deep into the new tax regime under which we are NOW operating.¬†What will be interesting to see is the *actual* technical guidance from the IRS about all of these changes, as well as the “technical corrections” that will […]

2017 Year-End Tax Strategies for Rockledge Business Owners With Tax Reform In Mind

The holidays are funny for Space Coast business owners. And, I must tell you, especially so for tax professionals like me. Every year, Congress delivers updates to the tax code, seemingly at the very last minute, so my staff and I are often working over the holidays when others are not. But you get this, […]

2018 Tax Reform Update And A Holiday Prayer from Daniel

Unless something crazy happens this week, we have a new tax plan. If Congress-watchers are right, the House and Senate should vote to pass this new bill, and it will be signed by President Trump before Christmas. I’m writing this on Monday the 18th¬†(a busy week is ahead!), and I’ve already spent some time digging […]

Increase Profits For Your Rockledge Business With Effective Compensation Strategies

We’re still waiting on Congress to reconcile the different tax reform plans passed by the House and the Senate, but we do know a couple things. First,¬†it looks pretty certain that you’re not going to be able to deduct your state and local income taxes in 2018.¬†Both the House and Senate bills kill this deduction. […]

Build A Brand In Rockledge And Do It Well

As I write this, the Senate has passed their version of the tax reform bill, and now we wait for the final version of the bill. But here’s the big number: Three¬†weeks. Apparently, Congress thinks it can enact a dramatic overhaul of the law, adding substantial new legislation governing pass-through businesses and multinational corporations, in […]

Get Stuff Done With Henn’s Productivity Tactics

It’s Cyber Monday, and as is my habit, this strategy note is being composed early in the week. Plenty to do this week, and gotta get ahead, after all. Did your¬†Rockledge¬†business run a sale for the holidays, or Cyber Monday or Black Friday?¬†If not, you may have (ahem) missed out on some great selling opportunities. […]

Thanksgiving Week Reflections From A Rockledge Business Owner

It’s a slower week, here in Daniel Henn, CPA, PA World. Yes, it’s crazy (and a bit of a relief, to be frank) that we now find ourselves in Thanksgiving week. And I have some thoughts, which are perhaps a bit more meditative than normal, because of how this holiday works for tax professionals. The […]

5 Effective Marketing Tips For Your Rockledge Small Business

Have you noticed that traditional styles of advertising are getting more and more stale? That’s because the online world has torn down so many different barriers that we don’t realize how much has changed, until we take a look at the real numbers. And across many different Rockledge businesses that friends of mine own, in […]

The Billionaire Mindset by Dan Henn

More than being only bean counters or tax strategists for our Rockledge clients, we make it a point to study what works well for our most successful clients, and (with all confidentiality) pass along principles we’ve seen work in various businesses. On top of that, we look around. But not just at those in our […]

How to tell when it is an IRS agent at your door!

It happens to the best of people. They get behind in filing their tax returns or even paying the amounts due.¬† It happens for many reasons, they or a family member was sick or recently died (recent could be 2-3 years ago as we all process grief differently), someone has had drug or alcohol problems, […]

Business Succession Planning Essentials by Dan Henn

The final quarter is a great time to take a look at where things have gone for your Rockledge business, and that’s perhaps an obvious point. But now (before the holidays¬†really¬†hit), it might also be an even better time to take stock of where you are headed LONG term — what your business succession planning […]

Know the Value of Your Time: A Rockledge Entrepreneur’s Guide

Is there an additional way that we can serve your Rockledge business?¬†Please shoot me¬†an email¬†using the button at the top of this page¬†and let me know what’s happening in your business, and what seem to be your greatest needs right now.¬†I’d love to speak into it for you. Or, is there a specific and new […]

Effective Advertising: How To Find It In Rockledge

As you may or may not already know, this is the final week before extended tax returns are due¬†(Monday, October 16th is the due date this year), so we are working hard here in our Rockledge offices with those clients who placed an extension on their filing, to make sure that everything is set up […]

Disaster Tips – Suggestions on how to Reconstruct Records for Individuals

I get asked often about disaster related questions.¬† Most of the time we are answering them after a disaster strikes, but I hope you are reading this before a disaster strikes.¬† If so, please take the time to save some of these records ahead of time in a water tight safe or water tight bag […]

2017 Hurricane Relief for Businesses due to Irma, Harvey or Maria

Employee Retention Tax Credit Available to Businesses The Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017 (ACT), was signed into law on September 29, 2017 after Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria ravaged all or parts of Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.¬† This article focuses primarily on the area affected by Hurricane […]

Ask For The Sale! Rockledge Business Owners Sales Psychology

I make it my goal in these weekly notes to pass along information which has proven useful to our firm and our more successful clients.¬†I do this because we want to be a partner with you in helping you grow your¬†Rockledge¬†business. We’re not marketing “gurus” around here, but we do hope to demonstrate our good […]

Rockledge Small Business Debt Collection

How are things going for you?¬†Is there something we can do to help your business during this final quarter of 2017? Do let me know. One nice way to make your quarter better is to get an infusion of cash. However, this is too often a rare occurrence. Too many Rockledge businesses rely on poorly-conceived […]

A Story, and Tax Planning 2017 for Rockledge Businesses

Story time today. Here we are, with Q3 of 2017 in the rearview mirror, and it’s amazing how quickly things move. (And, by the way, this reminds me:¬†have you considered making further pro-active moves to minimize your taxes for this year?¬†With a few months left in the year, we still can make some positive moves […]

Three Keys To Shorter Meetings For Your Rockledge Business

Last week I wrote about working less, and testing the 80/20 hypothesis for your Rockledge business work cycle.¬†I’d love to know if you had a chance to consider putting this into practice,¬†send us an email using the email icon at the top right hand corner of our site¬†when you can, if so. Well, on that […]

Growing Customers For Life For Your Rockledge Business

We’re starting in on the second half of the summer, and I have a question for you: How are you feeling about 2017 thus far for your¬†Rockledge¬†business? Now that we’re over halfway through the year, it’s a nice time to take stock. So, really, I’d be interested:¬†How are things going for you so far?¬†Send me […]

Should You Buy A Building For Your Rockledge Business?

Every week, we advise our clients about how to handle their Rockledge businesses, and particularly their finances. It’s a big part of what we do around here, and many don’t even realize how much we’re willing and able to help. (And that’s fine, because we are plenty busy — but always willing to talk.) We […]

Goal Setting For Your Rockledge Business

Goal setting. Some people *love* reading and writing about it; but to others, it can provoke a sure-fire rolling of the eyes. Indeed, this whole ritual of “goal-making” can feel very cliche, but look — we all need little “nudges” to help us actually make changes in our lives. I see it as my role […]

The BEST Marketing Strategy for Your Rockledge Business

When I chat with myRockledge business-owner clients and friends, I find that many of them are adopting a “herd mentality” when it comes to marketing their business. I’d like to see that change for you, and for all my business-owner friends. Granted, I know my limits — I’m an accountant, not a marketing guru. But […]

Let’s Start a Conversation…

See, relative to their income, the rich are frugal. They save and invest. They spend less than 65% of their take-home pay on day-to-day expenses.

The First Thing You Need To Do

See, relative to their income, the rich are frugal. They save and invest. They spend less than 65% of their take-home pay on day-to-day expenses.

Let’s Talk About Your Business…

See, relative to their income, the rich are frugal. They save and invest. They spend less than 65% of their take-home pay on day-to-day expenses.

Tax Paperwork Checklist

These days, I’m often glad that it’s our busy tax filing season, so that I have an easy excuse when political conversations are happening: Oh THAT [crazy new political story]? Huh, didn’t see it — I’m too busy with tax season. With all of the chaos out there, the division and shouting — from Washington […]

7 Amazing Tax Secrets when selling your personal residence

So you are selling your personal residence. ¬†But why? ¬†Do you have a job transfer? ¬†Moving closer to family? Or are you just tired of the weather when you have been living for most of your life? No matter what the reason is, you need to consider these top 7 things to make sure that […]

7 Ways On How To Avoid Being An Identity Theft Victim During The Holidays

During the holidays many people will be online buying gifts for family and friends. ¬†It has become very common place to purchase various things online. ¬† They say it is not a matter of “if”, but “when”, you are likely to become a victim of identity theft. ¬†I have had many people tell me it […]

6 things about charitable contributions you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

It is nearing the end of the year. ¬†In our world that mean that you need to finish making your last tax moves to save some taxes on your 2015 tax return. ¬†One of those moves is to do your last bit of charitable giving. ¬†When you are doing this, keep these things in mind: […]

IRS Problems? “The Biggest Mistake most people make when they owe the IRS”

This is an excerpt from my “Ask a Business Expert” article in the Florida Today on July 25, 2015. So you received that notice from the IRS that says you owe money based on the tax return you recently filed. ¬†Nothing new. ¬†You knew that when you filed the return but you did not have […]

The 5 Dirty Little Secrets about dealing with IRS notices

So you were minding your own business having a great year in your business, but you were not consulting a tax professional. ¬†To make matters worse, you were using your brother-in-law as your advisor. ¬†Not that your brother-in-law doesn’t know the tax rules, but he more than likely was not trained nor experienced in tax […]

Top 5 tax rules to know before you buy that vacation home you always wanted

If your like most people, you have gone on vacation somewhere and fell in love with the area you visited. ¬†Depending on your interests, that could be in the mountains of Colorado (or even the Alps) or the beaches of Florida or Fiji. ¬†Wherever it is that you like to visit, I am sure that […]

Top 4 tax mistakes to avoid for newlyweds

This is the time of the year when many people get married. ¬†There was a recent study that said as many as 20% of women are keeping their maiden names (it was around 14% in the 1980s). But what if you are part of the other 80% that do change your name in some form […]

Top 4 Tax Tips for Students with Summer Jobs so they stay on the right side of the law

The IRS recently released the following tips for students who start to work over the summer. ¬†Use these tips to make sure that your student is¬†aware of any tax implications so they can set aside the necessary funds (or you as the parent are aware of the cash you may pay on their behalf, but […]

Dan Henn, CPA is concerned about your savings. Don’t let someone unknowingly SCAM you!

This is one of those topics that I truly hate. ¬†Most people genuinely work hard for their money. ¬†Some do very well in paying themselves first, invest their money and are very frugal when it comes to spending. ¬†Not to mention they don’t take out any debt if it is not necessary (like for buying […]

Dan Henn, CPA Uncovers Your Money Mistakes In Plain Sight

In the course of our daily work here at Daniel Henn, CPA, PA, we not only work with tax forms and legal/financial documents a TON … but we also get a regular crash course, via those documents, on how people (our clients, mostly) have arrived to the place where they actually have something to *protect*. […]

Rockledge Tax Expert on Making Sure Your 2014 Taxes Are Done Right

Labor day comes at me like a rush, every year. There’s a corporate tax deadline on the 15th of September to keep me busy and focused … but the truth of the matter is that the beginning of fall means that my team and I start to get real focused now. Winter is coming. (Which […]

Dan Henn, CPA’s Strategy for Writing Off Almost Anything

Being a Rockledge tax professional, I get all kinds of questions throughout the year when it comes to taxes. But whether at social gatherings, sporting events or even business networking functions, one of the most common ones I receive is:¬†Can I write this off? Well, allow me, today, to set the record straight on all […]

A salve for all this chaos

Israel and Palestine. The Ukraine and Russia. The mess at the border (and in Congress). Ebola. And in the middle of it all, we’re all facing our own private fears, struggles and frustrations. So … may I remind you of a few things? Henn, CPA’s Key Reminder #1:¬†What you choose to “ingest” over these next […]

Dan Henn, CPA On Caring For Two Generations

Many things have changed, even just around here in the Rockledge area. Time was, families were used to be dealing with elderly parents, young children … and everything in between, all in one house! This is less common now, and as a result, many Rockledge families are actually unprepared for how to handle it — […]

Dan Henn, CPA on Tax Planning: Early Withdrawals

Well Rockledge, our rite of spring is past. No, I’m not talking about Cinco De Mayo … rather, the NFL Draft is over, and three precious days of watching paint dry come to an end. Ah, spring. Yes, I know serious football fans love this stuff (as do the television networks, not coincidentally), but so […]

Dan Henn, CPA On Reclaiming Control Over Your Taxes

Ahhh, spring in Rockledge. When the temps are rising, and the trees don’t seem so desolate … and am I right that the angle of the sun is a bit less harsh? Or maybe it’s just because tax season has finished and I’m getting more sleep? ūüôā (Team Henn, CPA probably thinks so!) Well, speaking […]

Rockledge Tax Preparation Firm Explains What To Do After Your Return Is Filed

The dust is truly beginning to settle around here at Rockledge Tax Planning and Preparation Central after our very busy TY2013 tax season (ok, maybe that’s just pollen). Regardless, here at Team Daniel Henn, CPA we’re beginning the process of serving you during the “off season” (there are many new things coming, including integration with […]

So grateful for you …

Part of me can’t believe that I’m taking the time to write this, here on Monday morning the 14th (the day before the filing deadline for taxpayers and for we Rockledge tax professionals!). But I also know if I don’t do it now, this tax season having been so full … well, I’ll admit that […]

Rockledge Tax Preparer On: Tax Extensions, Demystified

It’s the final full week of tax season, and our Rockledge tax preparation office is hopping! I’m still taking the time to step away for a moment and write to you, my friend (if you have all your papers in, and are waiting for our completion — fear not! My team is hard at work, […]

Henn, CPA’s Tax Time Checklist (Again)

In early January, I sent a “checklist” email to our Rockledge tax preparation business list¬†(and if you’re not receiving our weekly emails, you really should fill out the quick form here on this page to receive a copy of one of our free reports — we’ll add you to our list as well, so you’ll […]

Turbo-Charged Audits and Mistakes — Eliminated By Dan Henn, CPA

Watching the Olympics the past couple weeks from Rockledge tax preparation headquarters (well, not while we’re preparing your taxes, of course!), and on the heels of the Super Bowl, we’ve been treated to some pretty great commercials lately, haven’t we? Some of the spots for the Olympics were downright inspiring. But, of course, we all […]

Dan Henn, CPA Suggests: Take A Test Drive Of Your Retirement Plans

Now that the Super Bowl is over, and the football season is finished, we here in Brevard County, Rockledge area tax preparer land can now finally get back to looking forward to football season. And, of course, the commercials! (Which this year seemed a little … “ok” — though I think I will have dreams […]

Rockledge area Tax Preparation: The Power of Specialized Knowledge

Well, this week I want to tell you a story, and one that, though it is not about our Brevard County, Rockledge area tax preparation service per se, will help take some stress off ye olde plate for you and your family. But before I get there, a few tax items to note… 1) Officially, […]

Attention Rockledge area Tax Payers: Identity Thieves Want YOUR Tax Return

In a moment, I’ll show you why this is so important for Brevard County, Rockledge area tax preparation clients. Because the hits keep on coming for Target Corp, and it’s unfortunate for them because they seem to be a company that works hard at doing things well. In fact, they were on the forefront of […]

Let’s Start a Conversation…

Daniel Henn here, your tax professional. I know that we haven’t posted much before, but starting this week I’m hoping that you and I can have a conversation. You see, there hasn’t been an environment like the one we’re now facing in this economy and in our nation for quite a while. The fact is-I […]