The Business Intelligence You Don’t Know That You Need For Your Rockledge Company

You might think that was a typo in the subject line (“pull”, right?). Nope, that’s just me being clever, because today I’m talking about POLLING your various stakeholders for fun and profit.

Alright, yes. I should clearly stick to financial matters, and leave the puns to the creative types.

But really — for the sake of the health of your organization or business: Does everyone in your organization have a say?

Obviously, something like “giving everyone a say” is easier said than done when you need to make hundreds of decisions every week.

But if you are looking for a way to at least start conversations based on how your team is feeling, creating a simple poll might work wonders. And with modern technology, creating small platforms for others to share their voice has never been easier.

Even better, of course, is when you can effectively poll your Rockledge customers and prospects. Using some of the same principles that I’ll share with you about creating a healthy team environment can also dramatically impact your revenue, as you more carefully craft your offerings according to what your people actually want. Obtaining that kind of business intelligence for your company is priceless.

Though a word of caution about that: the best “poll results” of your customers are the votes they make with their wallet. But if you’re mindful of that reality, you can accelerate your growth momentum.

So let’s (briefly) take a deeper look at how and why this process comes in handy.

The Business Intelligence You Don’t Know That You Need For Your Rockledge Company

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” -Bryant H. McGill

First of all, the internet is not short on poll-taking services. Websites like Survey Monkey, Doodle (for scheduling polls), and Typeform make creating polls easy and accessible.

They are device-agnostic — laptop, tablet, cell phone — and give employees flexibility to answer on a whim. You set up the poll, and simply send the link.

It’s helpful to give employees a timeframe on when to complete the poll. Again, position these polls as a way to make employees feel heard. It’s easy to form agreement in person, in a conference room, etc. But polls provide a safe outlet to voice how one really feels.

One Voice

Because polls allow different opinions, you might think they will just lead to disagreement. On the contrary, the goal of a well-conducted poll is to bring deeply rooted issues to the surface.

Whether your Rockledge organization contains 10 employees or 10,000, this underutilized tool will foster conversation as to how your business can learn, iterate and grow.

Forming one voice is especially key if you sense hearsay or gossip around the office (or virtual spaces). Obviously, these cancers lead to turmoil and frustration.

But here’s the thing: If employees don’t feel heard somehow, they might “check out” mentally or simply take their talents elsewhere.

So polling your team is a great release valve, AND it gives you the chance to address potential problems before they become fatal to the health of your culture.

Frequent Feedback

Feedback is how organizations grow.

When C-level execs think they know every component of the operation, they might be missing something crucial from the ground floor. In actuality, CEOs may have a lot to learn from the customer service person if they take the time to listen.

Include everyone on these surveys, and create them on a regular cadence. Maybe it’s once a month or every other week. Calling for feedback and giving feedback should both be done with consistency.

Do you feel there is a communication disconnect in your business? Poll your team together, and give them a voice.

(Yes, I couldn’t resist saying that again.)

But truly — try it. The results might surprise you. And they might also draw out the next great sales initiative that you haven’t yet considered.

I’m grateful for our chance to serve you and your business — and we are dedicated to its success, in every measure.

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